Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Did House Republicans Just Man Up?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Did House Republicans Just Man Up?


It appears the Kansas House Republicans are doing the job the Brownback Administration struggles to do -- naming names, taking the fight to the people, etc.

I give you this constant contact piece of beauty from the Kansas House GOP Caucus:

"This is Alan Rupe. Since 1989, Alan Rupe has made a very nice living for himself using taxpayer dollars the legislature budgeted for educating students to sue the state for more taxpayer dollars."

I didn't write that, but I wish I did. (The KS House piece, not the Bible verse.)

I am impressed, although I am certain this is the sort of thing that makes some members of the KS House Caucus squirm, it needed to be said. 

So, thank you, for manning up, Kansas House GOP, err, Ray Merrick. Thank you for being willing to say the things that need saying. I'm going to assume these new constant contact efforts to speak the truth instead of just offer glowing reports and warm fuzzies is the result of one Speaker of the House bowing out. Merrick will not seek re-election. 

Whatever the reason behind this more aggressive turn of email newsletter, I approve!

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