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Monday, May 16, 2016

Give Me Your Money

Of all the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things liberals do, perhaps the most enraging is its political philosophy that suggests everyone should just hand over their cash and not question how or why it's used.

Somehow, this philosophy surmises that a handful of bureaucrats (often given positions of power and influence because they knew the right people or specifically because they were the most corruptible of candidates) knows best how to spend the money you earn, and no, you can't have any say at all in how the money is handled. 

This is what will eventually kill the public schools. (Thank goodness.) At some point, parents are going to say, enough is enough. Our children do not belong to the state. And when the public schools are gasping their final breaths, it will be specifically because of things like Obama's pronouncement that now all public school locker rooms shall be genderless or else. 

Please spare me all of the nonsense about how transgender people have been using the restrooms corresponding to their "gender identities" for eons. That's not the concern and it never has been. The concern for public schools is junior high boys using the girls locker rooms, because they can get away with it. Junior high boys will probably mean no harm, other than the emotional and mental abuse typical of the prepubescent.

All of that misses the point. The point is simply this, Washington, D.C. shouldn't be telling neighborhood elementary schools what to do. That's inexcusable. And to hold our money hostage -- it's an outrage. And I don't care which bathroom you prefer. (BTW, I sincerely believe this latest executive diktat to schools was the Obama Administration wagging the dog. I don't know what important story we're missing while we wage the fight about bathroom usage via social media, but yeah, we're missing something, and probably something huge and terrifying.)

In Kansas, the 6 people who pay attention are breathlessly awaiting exactly what our own dictatorship -- the Kansas Supreme Court -- will say about school funding. I'm pretty certain that they'll demand that taxpayers hand over more money and no, you can't have any say about junior high locker room free-for-alls, or the critical lessons teaching kindergartners how to put condoms on cucumbers. Just lay your wallet on the table and back away.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is suing the state of Kansas for more money. You heard that right -- the abortion provider is suing because Kansas officials said, yeah, we're not funding you anymore. Wise people rejoice. That's Medicare funding that can be used for funding actual medical care or schools or for the children.

Of course, one part of the reason the state is defunding PP is the daily Holocaust that happens within its walls. However, PP will not allow medical licensing boards to inspect its Kansas facilities. Yes, the local fried chicken joint, who I note doesn't receive any taxpayer funding at the point of a gun, receives a higher level of scrutiny from bureaucrats than the so-called "medical facilities" in Overland Park and Wichita.

But for liberals, the answer is always that a) taxpayers pony up more cash and b) don't ask any questions. I can't decide: Are liberal demands slavery or extortion? It feels a little like both.

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