Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Head to Your Safe Spaces, Brownbackers

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Head to Your Safe Spaces, Brownbackers

Our Governor is consistently a day late and a dollar short. Kansas is arguably the most conservative state in the nation boasting one of the most conservative Governors.

And yet, Gov. Brownback waits the news media equivalent of a half  year before responding to blackmail via the Obama Administration on public school bathrooms. Why bother releasing a statement about federal overreach so far after the fact?

It reeks of Brownback sticking his finger in the air and testing the wind. One reason the Kansas Governor's approval ratings are in the unisex toilet might be that he refuses to lead on issues for which he and his constituents should be a natural fit. Exhibit A: This stupid, ridiculous dog-wagging dictate from Herr Obama.

Brownback wastes no time vetoing unanimous decisions of the Kansas Legislature. And he's more than happy to be out front of the fight to bring a horse arena to KCK, but when push comes to shove, when conservative principles need a leader, Brownback is at the back of the line. Behind Texas, behind Alabama, behind Missouri (Gasp!), behind North Carolina... I could go on. Brownback waits until critical mass is reached and then throws his support in the direction of the strongest blast of wind. 

I don't get it.

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