Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): When Liberals Attack

Thursday, May 12, 2016

When Liberals Attack

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe is reviewing allegations against former Johnson County Election Commissioner Brian Newby. Newby now heads the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.


I don't think I've written about the allegations against Newby before today. Mostly, when the media starts throwing around allegations of corruption and mentioning Kris Kobach, who appointed Newby, I assume I'm looking at a witch hunt and nothing more. The media (and the liberals--I repeat myself) love nothing more than to toss out innuendos about conservatives and hope they stick. (Newby, as far as I know, isn't a conservative. He is or was a Republican at one time, and he ran for city council (Shawnee??) somewhere in Johnson County once upon a time.)

This unfortunate story appears to have legs, but that may be because these liberals will not rest until every conservative, or anyone with even the hint of a conservative tie is banished from the marketplace. Howe is "reviewing" an audit that suggests Newby, as a county election official, claimed improper mileage and travel expenses and wasted taxpayer funds.

Obviously, I'm not a fan of government waste, but I would really appreciate it if these sudden giants of accountability-- the folks who are demanding an investigation is an outfit called the Campaign for Accountability-- would turn their attention to someplace that actually has buckets of money to waste. I'm just spit-balling here, but I can find nowhere in which this group has done any watchdogging over places like public schools, arts commissions, or Planned Parenthood. This group is all over Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter over what they call "misuse" of a private email account, but apparently, they can't be bothered to question Hillary Clinton's use of a private server. This group's advisory board appears to not have a single Republican on staff, but they've got board members who held leadership positions in the Democrat Party and a high level official from Obama's re-election campaign.

Look, I have a feeling every public official misusing public funds. That's the nature of spending other people's money. I'm not saying it's OK. I'm not offering the excuse that "everyone does it." However, this outfit that is hellbent on embarrassing anyone who has ever said a kind word to Kobach is dishonest and disingenuous in its efforts.

For his part, Newby says the transition audit that found fault in his fiscal management of the Johnson County Election Office is "inaccurate, incomplete and misleading."

I'm giving Newby the benefit of the doubt at this point. I'm guessing Howe's investigation won't go anywhere. (Howe has "murders and rapes" to investigate. He really can't be bothered with investigating public corruption. And that's almost a direct quote. Yuck.)


  1. I normally would agree with you on matters like this, but the stuff about Newby is as bad as it can possibly get and actually worse than is even being reported.

    1. Hearing that now from a lot of sources. When and if I'm proven wrong, I'll own it.

  2. What exactly is Newby accused of doing? Use a car paid by taxpayers, just like Ed Eilert and the county management? Didn't Newby do the same thing for years, with funds approved every year by county management and eventually county commissioners? Why now with the lynching (loose political connection to Kobach, just maybe)?