Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Wolf to Challenge Moran??

Monday, May 23, 2016

Wolf to Challenge Moran??

Chapman Rackaway spoke at the Wichita Pachyderm Club last Friday. Rackaway, a professor at Fort Hays State University, theorized that Milton Wolf will challenge Sen. Jerry Moran. Bob Weeks at Wichita Liberty has the audio here

Let me rewind to 2014's ugly blood letting. Wolf came dangerously close to unseating Roberts. Wolf lost by 8 percent, or 19,000 votes. That's impressive for a guy who has no elected office experience.

Wolf summarily shut down his campaign account at the end of 2015. His campaign spent $1.3 million in 2014. He'll need a war chest if he plans to take on Moran, who is sitting on millions, $3.2 million, according to Open Secrets

I have noticed that Wolf has gotten a bit more vocal on the Twitter and the Facebook. Moran's recent buffoonery certainly gives a candidate an opening. However, if it wasn't a wide enough opening for someone like Mike Pompeo -- which stay tuned on that front, I think I know what fell out of his closet that prevented him from running-- I have trouble believing that Wolf can capitalize on Moran's mistakes. 

Still, there's time. Wolf did receive ample support from several national organizations that may be itching for a fight.
The filing deadline is quickly approaching.

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