Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Kitchen Is Too Hot for Wolf (Not that one. The OTHER one.)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kitchen Is Too Hot for Wolf (Not that one. The OTHER one.)

Update: I was right. Wolf is retiring. The poor journalists who have to get quotes before writing are now filing their stories.

There are a lot of cooks in Kansas' kitchen. So many, that apparently it's boiling hot in the Kansas Legislature, and especially toasty in the Kansas Senate.

Sen. Garrett Love won't be sticking around. Michael O'Donnell is running for greener pastures, the county commission, and Sen. Jeff King is defecting.

Today, rumors abound that Sen. Kay Wolf is also jumping out of the frying pan that is the Kansas Senate. I can't find anywhere that her retirement has been announced, but Rep. Barbara Bollier is seeking that seat in the Senate. I can't imagine Bollier challenging Wolf. Wolf has already filed, and so has a Democrat, Jerry Stogsdill. (They're ALL running on a platform of kids going to school in Taj Mahal buildings with dozens of six figure administrators where every kid takes home an Ipad aren't getting enough money from your pocketbook. Blech.)

My Magic 8 Ball says Wolf will retire from the Kansas Senate. She's been there one term, but was in the house for several terms.

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  1. Rumor has it that Bollier and Rooker have been debating who is running for the Wolf seat. Some of the RINOs think District 21 could be had by Neil Melton if it's open and, now we'll get to see. With so many moderates running against conservatives, it will be nice to make them defend their own turf too.