Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Democrats Beg RINOs to Register as Dems

Monday, May 23, 2016

Democrats Beg RINOs to Register as Dems

The Kansas Democrats are hosting a huge drive to capture party members. By huge drive, I mean, they have a Facebook page. The JoCo Dems have a blog. They’ve made a video, and they’re sending Facebook messages to people they suspect lean left and begging them, BEGGING, to register as Democrats before June 1 to vote in the Democratic primary.

Some of the efforts may be part of a broader campaign. The Democrat National Committee is even having a drive asking people to share their stories of why they are Democrats. This seems odd and desperate to me -- like they’re trying to make people think they’re hip. Um. Not so much. (Feel free to compare the photos below for visual evidence.)

Kansas Dems. Doing Something.

Kansas Republicans. Posing with their second oldest member. (Bob Dole was unavailable.)

I’ve been digging for several hours and can’t find any decent information, but I *think* this new campaign begging left-leaners to register as Dems, rather than as Mods in red Kansas, is related to how the DNC funds and assists campaigns, candidates, and state parties. If the Dems don’t have enough registered voters, the party says, no funding or less funding, and the Kansas Dems lose delegates.

The Kansas Democratic Party is hurting, and for the last several cycles, its members have helped elect so-called moderate Republicans. That tide is about to turn in the wake of the Dems’ latest efforts, making this cycle one of the best opportunities for Kansas Republicans to elect more conservative Republicans in purple districts.

If you’re a conservative thinking about primarying a so-called moderate, I submit there will never be a greater opportunity than this election cycle. As the Kansas Donkey Party attempts to disengage its members from the Republican Party-- an effort I fully support, by the way-- conservatives have a real opportunity to win some light-pink districts as the Dems syphon voters back to their party.

As an aside, the registration deadline is quickly approaching. We’ll know a lot more about the upcoming election come June 1. However, I do not believe the ballot will be fully set on that date. Independent candidates have until Aug. 1 to file. In this wacky election cycle, I have a suspicion we’re going to see a few candidates who don’t identify with either major party on the ballot.

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