Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Pollsters Hate Sam Brownback

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pollsters Hate Sam Brownback

I would like to think Kansans aren't this stupid. Somehow, Gov. Sam Brownback has the lowest approval ratings of any Governor in the nation.

Not sure I buy it. Did they poll actual Kansans?

The Morning Consult poll of 66,000 people nationwide revealed that 8 of the 10 least popular Governors are Republicans. Part of that is simple math. Republicans hold the Governor's office in 34 states. There are only 18 Democrat Governors. (Numbers include U.S. territories)

And I should mention Republican governors are severely handicapped by a media that can't dig far enough to uncover dirt -- even unrelated gossip that has absolutely NOTHING to do with a GOP Governor's role in office. (See the Jim Brownback story.)

Somehow, this poll posits, Brownback is less popular than Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder. What a tale of misplaced blame  is the Flint water crisis. Michigan elects a Republican Governor approximately once every 8 billion  years. That Governor is then charged with cleaning up decades of Democrat messes. See Flint water crisis. And for some reason, the Dems walk away clean as if they had nothing to do with the crisis in the first place. It's actually quite stunning, and it makes me believe more than ever before that Dems are playing the long, long game. Their party apparatus recognizes when scandal is about to break and so they throw the election just in time to save their own rears. I really don't know how else to place all the blame for Flint on the Republican Governor when the Democrat Flint mayor redirected funds for the water crisis to a political action committee. But yeah, go ahead and blame the one Republican within 1,000 miles of the disaster. Water is a local issue in Kansas. Maybe in Michigan things are different. Don't know. Don't care. As far as I'm concerned the Great Lakes State is  uninhabitable.

Dear Republicans everywhere, stop. Please stop giving obviously liberal media access to your office. You'll take heat for it, but these liberal reporters are only stopping by your office to make you look bad. I've written about this before. For some reason, at the end of the  year, Brownback allows the liberalest of the liberally reporters to have individual, private access to him, and in return, you know what he gets? More bad press than any Governor in the nation. That's what! (But Brownback's media go-around of allowing the kid who lives in Kim Borchers' basement to pen weekly messages appears to be really making the difference.)

Is Kansas doing poorly? By any measures that really matter, no. Despite the relentless suggestion that the sky is falling in Kansas, the state is spending more money than ever before. The Sunflower State boasts the 5th best business climate and the 6th lowest cost of living. The unemployment rate is in the basement. Our school children are slightly better educated than kids in other states (a terrible measure as the U.S. ranks pretty low when compared to many other nations--despite outspending them!)

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