Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Kris Kobach Isn't Running for Governor

Monday, May 9, 2016

Kris Kobach Isn't Running for Governor

Despite Steve Rose's supposition in a recent column in the Kansas City Star, it's highly unlikely that Kris Kobach will run for Governor in 2018.

How do I know this? Because I pay attention and talk to people instead of just scribbling whatever nonsense pops into my head. For what it's worth, I also think it's highly unlikely that Gov. Sam Brownback leaves office early. 

Yes, I wrote he could be angling for a gig as Kansas State University President. However, the chances of the Kansas Board of Regents's offering Brownback the role are slim to none. His chances of being tapped for a cabinet position by a Republican president before 2018 dropped dramatically last week. If by some miracle or with the help of some dark forces a Republican manages to win the Presidency, (as at this point, the remaining two candidates for the highest office are so grotesquely evil) I don't see Donald Trump giving Sam Brownback a role in his administration. I also don't see Brownback taking such a role if offered.

Sorry, folks. Brownback's not going anywhere before his term expires in 2018. 

Rose posits that Kobach may take a shot at the Governorship at that time. I don't think so. It's obvious Kobach has Washington, D.C. in his cross hairs. If Trump wins the Presidency, Kobach, an early supporter of that train wreck, will seek a cabinet position. Word on the street is Kobach is angling for a VP slot. There's approximately zero percent chance of that happening, but it gives you an indication of what direction Kobach is looking. (Hint: it's east-- way east, just off the Potomac.)

As previously stated, I believe Lynn Jenkins will challenge for Governor, and I think almost everyone else will step aside for her. Rep. Pompeo may not, but I have trouble believing he wants the job. I guess it's possible that some state legislators may consider running for the office, and I'm not sure Derek Schmidt will step aside for Jenkins. The other possibility may be Ron Estes, but he doesn't strike me as the type who will raise a racket or challenge Jenkins.


  1. Jenkins would lose to Pompeo, Yoder, Schmidt and Colyer. Do nothing Ron Estes would lose to Jenkins but that's on Ron. Look how well Dennis Pyle did against her in 2010 without spending a dollar. She was a state senator tied to criminals like John Vratil and Dick Bond and now she's tied at the hip to John Boehner. Bad record, weak candidate.

  2. Wow...this post did not hold up well.

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