Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Who You Gonna Call? Ryckman and Brownback

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Who You Gonna Call? Ryckman and Brownback

For about 5 minutes, it appeared that legislators and the Brownback Administration were abroad train Tell the Court to Suck Eggs.

Now it appears folks may be going wobbly. Rumor has it, the Governor is wavering. He absolutely cannot. We cannot allow the Court to continue down this ridiculous path in which the Court holds public school children hostage and the taxpayers are robbed.

Since about 2005, the state of Kansas has played this cat and mouse game where the Court demands more money, the Legislature complains and then hands it over. At this point, the Court is drunk with power--the school lawyers are drunk with cash-- and to pony up more money is enabling a bunch of addicts. 

It's got to stop, and now is actually the perfect time. The Governor won't stand for election again. There's no way the Republicans lose the majority. It's highly unlikely the moderates and Dems can stage enough of a coup to create a majority. The current Speaker Ray Merrick isn't running for reelection. These are all people who can fall on their swords for the greater good. They need to do it. It appears Merrick is ready to take that step, however, there are others unwilling to show the great courage necessary to keep the train on the tracks.

The Governor's Office needs to hear from you. Brownback needs to hear that we're sick and exhausted and broke. Every dime taken out of our pockets to buy school administrators vacation homes is a pay cut to taxpayers.

And the other person who needs to hear this from you: Rep. Ron Ryckman, or Junior, as he sometimes called. (913.927.5333)

Junior steers the ship where money issues are concerned in the House. And this school funding issue is a big money problem.

If Junior wants to be prove he's capable of being Speaker after a mere 4 years in the House, now is the time for him to show bold leadership. If Junior wants to be the Conductor of the Kansas House train, he needs to engineer a Court stand off.


  1. "School administrator's vacation homes"??? P.S. you missed the possesive apostrophe.

  2. "School administrator's vacation homes"??? P.S. you missed the possesive apostrophe.