Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Campaign Drama: Libs Need the Vapors

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Campaign Drama: Libs Need the Vapors

The self-righteous campaign nonsense has reached a fevered pitch. 

Olathe School Board member Amy Martin went apocalyptic over the weekend. On the Twittersphere, liberal trolls are desperate because Brett Hildabrand sent a mailer that included the Shawnee Mission School District logo. 

The Blue Valley School District issued an apology--an apology!!-- for thanking current legislators, and sign thieves removed and vandalized signs for Sen. Greg Smith. 

In threatening fashion, the thieves dropped the signs in Smith's driveway. Stay classy, libs!

Meanwhile, Tim Carpenter of the Topeka Capital-Journal writes that Dinah Sykes is stompy, stompy mad that people campaigning for Moran had the gall to stop at her door and ask her to support Sen. Greg Smith.

She told Moran campaigners: "I'm voting for Dinah Sykes, because I'm Dinah Sykes." And then she called Moran's office and expressed her distaste that Moran was involved in primaries.

It's kind of amazing how liberals need vapors about candidate mailers accurately quoting people, but offer radio silence on vandalism. 

I'm a little disappointed that the Moran volunteers didn't take a look at their walk list before knocking on her door. This seems like Politics 101! Most walk lists have names, ages, the last time the person voted.

But then, maybe the campaigners looked at the list and didn't recognize Sykes' name. That sure doesn't bode well for her election chances.

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