Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Failure, Thy Name is Orman

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Failure, Thy Name is Orman

A few days ago, I asked: Where is Greg Orman?

The Topeka Capital-Journal has an answer. He was considering a run against Sen. Jerry Moran. According to Federal Election Commission reports, Orman spent more than $5,000 "testing the waters" on a potential 2016 Senate run. The FEC sent Orman a complaint demanding that he disavow his activities or  file a statement of candidacy and stand for election.

Orman was a little scary last cycle, because Sen. Pat Roberts was an awful candidate in a year in which the tides had turned against incumbents serving in Washington for longer than I've been alive. Moran isn't Pat Roberts.

Moran isn't renting out a recliner in some guy's basement and calling it Kansas residency. Moran hasn't been in Washington since the dawn of bipedal man, though anyone who spends more than about 10 years in DC is suspect and Moran has been sipping country club DC cocktails since 1996. Still, Orman's arguments against Moran would be fairly slim. It's not like Orman, basically a Democrat who pretended to be an independent for the sake of a Senate run, can run to the right of Jerry Moran. And that friends, is how someone may--MAY--have been able to beat Moran. 

Moran made some baffling comments and sponsored some really bizarre legislation leading up to the filing deadline. These political missteps were stunning, and almost drew Congressman Mike Pompeo into the race. Pompeo was discouraged from running. And now, Moran is basically running unopposed. He's not unbeatable, but none of the candidates who have filed have a snowball's chance in Venezuela.

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