Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): The Boiling Hypocrisy

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Boiling Hypocrisy

I don't understand why liberals never have to defend themselves. This is a strange part of modern life. If Al Gore all of a sudden decides abortion is a holy sacrament, the entire world just pretends that his decisive position change from adamantly pro-life to pro abortion is just the natural evolution of things. One day, Gore is advocating for saving the lives of unborn babies, the next day he's campaigning as the Abortion Candidate in Chief. Ho hum. He "grew" in office learning that sometimes women have to make hard choices.

But when a tape of Dave Trabert, not running for office, surfaces of the Kansas Policy Institute director advocating for a tax increase a decade ago, well that's just proof that Trabert is bought and paid for. Al Gore "evolved" but Trabert sold out.

Liberals are ALWAYS changing their minds and just getting away with it. Consider Hillary Clinton, or The One Barack Obama on gay marriage. One day they're against it, the next day they're waving the rainbow flag--within the same term in office. 

Issues of taxation, economic growth, and efficiency are complex issues. And according to the liberal philosophy, if you argue for tax increases one time, you can never, ever change your mind. 

Trabert advocated for tax increases a dozen years ago, and he explained his change of heart. In a 2002 editorial for KAKE-TV in Wichita, Trabert took that position after reading the Augenblick & Myers report that said Kansas schools were underfunded. I am too lazy to explain all of the specifics, but basically, Kansas schools were suing for money way back then. A so-called independent auditor--A&M--determined that schools were unfunded by $850 million. (And while we're on the topic of underfunding, my independent auditor says the Herbert family is underfunded by about $45,000 per year. Someone hand over the cash, already!)

Anyway, Trabert explains his change of heart by saying, "No one knew then that Augenblick & Myers hadn't really done what they claimed; they said they took efficiency into account, but that wasn't true...No one knew then that schools were using some of their aid to increase cash reserves."

I've never seen such an effort to discredit a person who isn't running for office. The media attacks on Dave Trabert, a quasi-private individual, are repulsive and sickening. The unrelenting attacks on KPI and its leader are evidence that the free market think tank is gaining traction. Liberals are acting like rabid, cornered animals. Say something they don't like, say it well enough and say it long enough, and the liberals will bite. 

Here's hoping Trabert has had his shots.

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