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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gidget Does Radio

Many thanks to The Joseph Ashby Show for allowing me to co-host yesterday. You can listen to the podcast of yesterday's show here.

Also, an extra thanks to Andy Hooser, who Wichita folks know as The Voice of Reason on 1480 AM radio, for assisting me. I was really, really nervous and Andy eased me into talking nonstop for a few hours! 

I also taped a segment for Bob Week's Wichita Liberty show on PBS. You can read Bob's blog here. It's filled with detailed information on Kansas politics. 

Bob's latest project is Kansas Memo, a site dedicated to serving as a kind of clearinghouse for the conservative and libertarian perspective on what's happening in the Sunflower State. 

I also spent far too much time laughing over brunch with Bob, Jennifer Baysinger and Richard Ranzau, a small government guy who serves on the Sedgwick County Commission. The commission has a conservative majority and is making huge strides. Wichita voters can keep it that way by ensuring that Karl Peterjohn retains his seat.

Thank you for rolling out the red carpet, Wichita friends! 

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  1. Joseph Ashby is the last conservative talker in KS radio with the loss of Greg Knapp on KCMO. I wish his show were syndicated to KC Radio and he would add just a little Eastern Kansas content.