Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Name Call, Belittle, Rinse, Cycle, Repeat

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Name Call, Belittle, Rinse, Cycle, Repeat

Generally, when an editorial writer scribbles something super vapid and annoying, I ignore it. In fact, this is kind of my policy on people in general. Say something super stupid, and I won't dignify it with a response. All this does is give some credibility to the person who said something ridiculous.

So, Steve Rose. The end. 

Just kidding. Bob Weeks really covered this one well at Wichita Liberty. If you haven't read Weeks' take on a baffling Rose column about Kansas Policy Institute, please check it out. 

Rose insists that KPI's numbers about school funding are inaccurate and mentions the liberal-boogie man known as the Koch brothers. I'm sorry, but just trotting out some line about Koch-brother funding is just lazy. The Koch brothers earned their money, and they can use it any way they see fit. That's the beauty of capitalism. Your money is yours to do with as you'd like. Waste it on a model car collection. Give it to your local school district so your administrator can buy that vacation home in the Swiss Alps. Fund a free market think tank. Pay to patch a stretch of highway or to hire more police. Build a church or a fire station. Whatever. 

Rose attempts to make the case that government is awesome and that we should all be thrilled at being enslaved by it--and shut your mouth if you believe in small government. I think the strongest argument his column made was an argument for a more severe estate tax. (I'm kidding. Kind of. See Paris Hilton.)

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  1. Steve Rose: the financial genius who ran his family business into the ground. Uh huh.