Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): The Trumpster Fire

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Trumpster Fire

Guys, is this real life?

Um, guys, I think yesterday went badly. Really, astoundingly, bad. 

I recognize I'm reading this through the lenses of an awful lot of liberals--ahem, all of mainstream media and the Twitter trolls. That said, delegates for one state walked out of the convention following a refusal to have a roll call vote.

Meanwhile, a Utah delegate says she was surrounded by Trumpsters outside a bathroom in the convention hall, where Trump supporters threatened to kill her and told her to leave the party and the state. 

There are varying accounts of what happened with Kansas delegates. At least one Kansas delegate, Dalton Glasscock, signed the petition for a roll call vote, though some in the Kansas delegation reported otherwise. (There are 40 Kansas delegates and a bazillion people there, so I'm pretty sure it's easy to lose track of what every individual Kansas delegate is up to!) Reporters were, supposedly, shuffled from the floor right before the rules kerfuffle. The accounts of how many states signed onto the petition vary, and petition itself has vanished.

Some angry dude yelled at the youngster Dalton to sit down and shut it. (pictured. Like a true Millenial, young Dalton took a photo and Facebooked it. LOL. HashtagThatOtherGuyIsn'tOntheSocialMedia. Probably.)

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is credited for helping write a very conservative party platform. 

In other news, a photo of Beverly Gossage, Kansas delegate, went viral. The Kansas delegation must have pretty decent seats. I sure saw a lot of them on television. 

A pastor gave one of the worst opening prayers ever to grace national television. Theologically, it was just awful. But at least no one booed God, which is what they do at the Democrat Convention. This is cold, cold comfort, but that's where we are. 

A little later, some conservative!! publications are reporting that there was light booing when (reality star) and Congressman Sean Duffy said his wife, Rachel Campos (reality star. Sigh.) was from Mexico. So gross and tacky and disgraceful.

Joni Ernst, Iowa Republican, veteran and supposed up-and-comer gave a decent speech to a half empty convention hall. I guess to make room for a Scott Baio prime time speech. His speech was meh. I am not a fan of giving rock stars, has-beens, and reality stars speaking opportunities during prime time conventions. 

But then, I'm reminded my party has nominated a reality star as its standard bearer. (And Omarosa, a walking stereotype cast specifically for that reason on a Donald Trump reality show, was named Trump's director of African-American outreach. The depths of how this grieves me can't be overstated.)

Marcus Luttrell gave a speech. I like him. The speech was just OK, but he's a hero. Sheriff David Clarke's speech was OK. Both speeches were better than Chachi's. 

It appears Melania Trump plagiarized parts of her speech. Not cool. Did the Trump campaign think no one would notice? So this morning, every morning talk show and every television station is showing clips of Michelle's speech next to Melania's speech. 

I don't think yesterday went all that well. Here's hoping today goes a little better.


  1. Beverly has a lot more than one photo going viral - she's darn near getting to be the face of this convention.

    Have to disagree on the Marcus Luttrell and Sheriff Clarke speeches. Luttrell's was one of the most human you will see in either convention and Clarke is a bonafide rising Republican star. (Particularly for an ex-Democrat) However, Rudy Giuliani gave the speech of the evening - it's close to being the most powerful I've ever seen at a convention. (I saw my first at 11 years old in 1952.)

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