Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Paging Kelly Arnold

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Paging Kelly Arnold

Dear Kansas delegates:

First, I've been appalled and embarrassed by a lot of the dancing from the convention floor I've seen on national television. Fortunately, the cameras never seem to be on Kansas when the dancing starts. 

That said, we need to have a serious talk about the way we choose delegates to the convention, Kansas. Is there always so much dancing? If so, this needs to be taken into consideration. I am recommending a series of dance off competitions in each Congressional district followed by a televised Dancing with the Republicans for statewide delegates. And then I'm recommending the entire delegation learn a few steps and maybe a flash mob routine. We don't have to look hip--um, we're really not--but the Sunflower State delegation could look less ridiculous than everyone else. 

In all seriousness, it's disappointing that we both voting on delegates to send to the convention when many of those selected decided not to attend. I can't speak for all Congressional districts, but in the Third, only one of those chosen as delegates  are in Cleveland. I believe, but am not certain, that alternates, also elected, are serving in their stead. I realize things change, and this convention could have looked very different from the one we're seeing now. However, there were an awful lot of candidates vying to be convention delegates. It's too bad many of them weren't given the opportunity. So, maybe a dance off is a better selection tool? Someone who learns a few steps and has the nerve to dance for a spot clearly wants to go bad enough to be considered!

Second, maybe this is how it always happens--the chair of the state GOP gets the mic--but good choice on Kelly Arnold announcing Kansas' delegation votes. I mean, that's really some photogenic hair. 

Now about what he said: I can live with the Royals thing, although, Missouri kind of has a point. The t-shirts were a great touch, though!

And sigh. Bob Dole. I don't want to sound like a broken record. I don't want to kick a war hero days after his birthday, but next time, do we have to lead with "Home of Bob Dole." How long is Kansas going to dine out on that one? Seriously. This isn't Dole hate; it's just--is that it? That's the best Kansas has to offer? 

Let's think on this for four years from now and come up with truly the best things our state has to offer. How about this old quote from Carl Becker about the Kansas spirit-- "Kansas is America in microcosm." Or, Kansas is the conservative center for Republican support? And maybe tie it to the fact that Kansas is the geographic center of the U.S.--the country's heart? Or, if we can't help but mention individuals, what about Amelia Earhart and somehow tie that to Kansas' booming aerospace industry? Or, if we must mention sports, the first college football game--the nation's most important sport--was played in Kansas. (Kansas vs. Baker in 1890. Unsurprisingly, Baker won.) Kansas has amazing history, great industry, and so many amazing people, and we wasted our few minutes on a (beloved) baseball team in Missouri and Bob Dole. We can do better.

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