Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Controversy and Hypocrisy in the Big First

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Controversy and Hypocrisy in the Big First

Buckle down, friends. This ride into Aug. 2 is about to get bumpy. 

Also, stock up on soap and water, because everyone is shoveling dirt. Generally, I'm a little loathe to play the game, but sometimes the stench of hypocrisy and bad acting is so revolting, I have to get out the shovel. So here goes:

Big First friends, what on earth is going on out west in the Tim Huelskamp/Roger Marshall race? Specifically, what in the world is Roger Marshall and his campaign staff doing? Guys, you're revolting. Stop it.

This week, the campaign sent out mailers suggesting the Huelskamp campaign is receiving money from Planned Parenthood. I can't think for a minute that anyone who has ever met Huelskamp, heard him speak, or looked at his record would believe for one second that the mailers are true, and the Marshall campaign should be ashamed of itself. I mean really, really ashamed and embarrassed. 

It's beneath dignity, and these people on the Marshall campaign who are shopping for D.C. real estate need to step off. 

The nature of politics is disgusting, but that mailer is a new low. It's just so false and untrue, and dropped so close to the election as to mislead and disrupt. 

Many are laying this dirty campaign effort at the feet of Axiom Strategies' Jeff Roe. Roe, you'll recall, ran the Ted Cruz campaign. A lot of Kansas conservatives bash Roe, whose office is located just over the state line. I personally haven't been an Axiom Strategies basher. Campaigns are disgusting creatures, and I get the necessity to sometimes hit a little low. However, there's a difference between hitting a little low, and sinking below the surface into a vat of pig urine. 

I think that mailer is where we're at. It's just wrong and inaccurate on a topic where it's too important to be completely honest about. Abortion truly is life and death, and the political issue deserves to be treated with absolute integrity. (This is one reason I find Kansans for Life so revolting. They put power over principle on the most important moral issue in politics. It's absolutely disgraceful.)

In addition to the gross misleading on an issue of such moral importance, there's also the problem that the Axiom Strategies folks promised to ignore the Huelskamp campaign in exchange for Huelskamp's endorsement of Ted Cruz. Roe and his Axiom Strategies have broken that promise. You can read about it here, in Politico.

I don't want perfect to be the enemy of the good. I get that sometimes political involvement requires uncomfortable alliances and compromise. And yet, I can't think of a single good reason not to keep your word or to use vile imagery and words to mislead on the pro-life issue. Every time I think I've seen the absolute bottom of the shameful political game, someone manages to dig the hole a little bit deeper. Nice work, Roger Marshall. 

Meanwhile, Marshall's biggest campaign issue--before he decided to start pedaling outright lies--is that Huelskamp is impossible to work with. Congressman Huelskamp did manage to get the boot from the House Ag Committee. 

In a strange turn of events, however, it appears Rogers, a doctor who served as the chairman of the board of the Great Bend Regional Hospital was  unceremoniously dumped from that role because in the words of one hospital board shareholder, Marshall's tenure was "checkered with fits and bouts of self-serving behavior, misalignment of interests with fellow stockholders..." for which he was removed from the chair, from the board and as a shareholder. 

Now let's talk agriculture, briefly. Agriculture is of critical importance to western Kansas. This is one reason the completely legitimate campaign issue of Huelskamp being removed from the House Ag Committee resonates.

That said, it's ironic that one of Marshall's top campaign operatives and advisers has been emailing Kansas state officials seeking to increase agriculture property taxes. I have a feeling most western Kansas farmers wouldn't be thrilled at the prospect of increasing the rate of property taxes for ag property. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is dumping a bucket of money into the race for the Big First Congressional seat. They've offered their fiscal support to Marshall. Let's be honest about what the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Kansas Chamber and many local Chambers support-- more government spending and cheap labor. Traditionally, Chambers want the government to spend more for education, development, and allow amnesty so Chamber members can have access to cheap labor. 

Big First voters must ask themselves as they cast ballots between now and Aug. 2 if they want to be represented in Washington by a guy who is more than willing to spread lies and misinformation in a quest for power, and one who appears to offer at least soft support for illegal immigration and amnesty.

Now, I'm going to go take a quick shower. I don't like being the bearer of gross news, but the race out west is close, and the people there are being lied to and mislead by one candidate named Marshall.


  1. Huelskamp was only removed from the Agriculture committee because he was standing up to, and supporting the removal of corrupt House leadership! Leadership owned by cronies like the Chamber! This is a respectable stance in my opinion, that we need more of. Agriculture is extremely important here in south central Kansas as well. But it is not more important than than this nations existence, or more importantly, our grandchildren's futures.

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  3. Yes Huelskamp was dumped from the Agriculture Committee (He is a PhD in Agricultural Economics) by the corrupt failed Speaker John Boehner as punishment for holding true to conservative principle. Now, it's not widely known but after Paul Ryan took over he reached out to Tim to right that wrong. Tim picked up a couple of committee positions, one of which(The Republican Steering Committee) is among the most powerful in Congress. He is Chairman of the important subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax and Capital Access of the Small Business Committee. It also appears to be pretty much assured that if reelected Tim will be back on the Ag Committee probably as an important sub-committee chairman. This jerk running against him is no more conservative than the man in the moon.

    1. Actually, Ryan was going to put him back on House Ag. when he became speaker, but somebody got to him and nixed it. That's how bad they want him out.

  4. Liar Liar pants on fire. Just wasted time trying to see if you had something relevant to contribute.

  5. Those who tell the truth are hated and those who lie are loved! Tim is not part of the crooked establishment and for that reason he has been chastised. With our politicians of today, Tim is to much of a man with high morals and conviction to be a politician in today's world.

  6. Those who tell the truth are hated and those who lie are loved! Tim is not part of the crooked establishment and for that reason he has been chastised. With our politicians of today, Tim is to much of a man with high morals and conviction to be a politician in today's world.

  7. The Southwind Women's Health Clinic, in Wichita published their voter's guide claiming that Roger Marshall is pro-choice.


    1. This page says it was removed. Do you have a link to this voter guide that you can re-post.