Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): This Is Low

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This Is Low

Apparently, the liberals and their media friends have decided it's open season on the Kansas Policy Institute and its President Dave Trabert. I don't even know the point of this Star blog. I guess to suggest that Trabert is a hypocrite for making a living? 

I'm disgusted by this blog post. Dave Helling is upset that Trabert has the audacity to make more money than some Johnson County employees while suggesting that perhaps, government spends too much money. By the way, your Johnson County property taxes increased 14 percent last year. Did you get a 14 percent raise, dear reader? 

First, it's unbelievable to me that people don't understand the difference between how Dave Trabert's salary is funded and how the JoCo government staff salaries are funded. If I give to KPI, which I haven't, I am giving money to the organization voluntarily. The money I give to Johnson County? That's not voluntary. If I don't pony up the amount of cash some Johnson County bureaucrats, can take my house. They can jail me. You know what happens if I don't contribute to Trabert's salary? Nothing. (I also note that the bureaucrats who decide how much I owe will take their salaries from the money they take out of my wallet.)

I don't know why Trabert decided to respond in the way he did to media requests for explanations of his earnings. That's not the choice I would have made. I probably wouldn't have dignified Helling's request with a response. 

Second, I get a little sick of these arguments about how much ANYONE outside of government earns. And I only care how much a government official earns, because I have to pay for it whether I want to or not. 

This constant,societal class envy is gross. More importantly, envy is a sin. You can look it up. If you're looking at someone else's earnings--someone whose earnings you aren't required to fund--and thinking he earns too much and doesn't contribute enough, you need to do some self-reflecting. 

There is one decent thing about the never-ending desire to publicly discredit and ridicule KPI: The white noise coming from the left on this topic is evidence that KPI's efforts are working. 


  1. Nah, we're just all sick and tired of Herb Tarlek and Homer J. Bedloe. They're like that persistent itch on your butt that won't go away.
    BTW, I'm only posting as anonymous because I couldn't get any of the others to work. Y'all know who I am anyway.

  2. Other than to throw a cloud of suspicion on KPI, what is the purpose of calling KPI a 501(c)3 and then being redundant and mentioning that 1) Donor lists are private; 2) net proceeds are not taxable; and 3) qualified contributions are tax-deductible?