Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe): Is Dr. Marshall Pro Abortion? This Clinic PAC Says Yes then NO.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Is Dr. Marshall Pro Abortion? This Clinic PAC Says Yes then NO.

Update: Minutes after creating this post, the link was broken and a new voter guide appeared at the Trust Women website. The new guide calls Marshall, "anti-choice." Below, you'll find a screenshot of the previous voter guide. I also managed to track down the original download. Here is a link to the original. (It's a link I made of a download. So it's a copy of what I initially saw.)

The original link was at http://www.itrustwomen.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/2016-Trust-Women-Primary-Voter-Guide.pdf. 

The second link (now dead) simply added a '1.' 

http://www.itrustwomen.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/2016-Trust-Women-Primary-Voter-Guide1.pdf. The second link called Marshall, "anti-choice."  

There is no longer any mention of a Trust Women voter guide (that I can find) on the organization's website. 

I guess it's possible that Trust Women made a huge mistake the first time, corrected it a second time and then took it down when they realized that most Kansas voters are revolted by pro abortion candidates, and the group's endorsements were damaging the candidates they intended to help. It's also possible, but I think unlikely that some campaign, campaign staff, or supporters somehow hacked and doctored that organization's website to spread false information. I doubt it and here's why: I saw the links live on the Trust Women website. That's quite a hack job, and it would require more than just Photoshop skills.

Second, to my knowledge, Trust Women has issued no press releases explaining either their mistake in calling Marshall 'pro-choice' or reason for changing the voter guide and then deleting it.

At this late hour in intense campaigns, it's very difficult to separate fact from fiction. I do  my best. Perhaps I got it all wrong, but I really don't think so.

You'll have to make that determination on your own.

Dear Pro-Life Voters in the Big 1st--

According to Trust Women, a PAC connected to the clinic that was once Kansas' most notorious third-trimester abortion house of horrors, physician Roger Marshall is NOT pro life.

Marshall campaigns otherwise. On a campaign website, Marshall lists himself as a staunchly pro-life candidate who "will oppose any efforts ever to use taxpayer funding for abortions."

That's not the story Trust Women is selling. The clinic's foundation, according to its website is a "leading pro-choice and reproductive justice foundation based in Wichita, Kansas." It's "about us" section is signed by Dr. Julie Burkhard, the abortion provider who replaced the late Dr. George Tiller. 

The organization boasts a network of physicians across the country willing to perform abortions. 

"Many clinics in smaller or hostile markets rely on doctors who travel to clinics to provide care...We help clinics and physicians fight legal challenges, provide them with messaging, communications and advertising support and help with administrative staff support... We use a door-to-door program to identify supporters in our area. One of our biggest challenges is finding new voices in these communities. Face-to-face outreach is the most effective way to garner new support...we create and implement a community outreach through events, phone banking and canvassing in all the communities in which we do work." 

Handily, the Clinic PAC has created a voter guide so voters can choose the candidates most likely to continue the vile practice of ripping innocents from their mothers' wombs. 

There's an awful lot to swallow in this voter guide. First, the guide describes other organizations it uses to craft its voter guide.

So about Kansas National Education Association--you know, that lovely organization dedicated to THE CHILDREN? The abortion foundation says, "KNEA is typically aligned with Trust Women and the pro-choice stance." 

Conservatives have always known this fact, but it's nice to see someone actually admit it. They're for educating children, but ONLY the children who make it through the birth canal intact. Noted.

Second, and of critical importance to Big First voters, the PAC lists Obstetrician Dr. Roger Marshall as "pro-choice." Seriously, it's right there in bold letters. Don't take my word for it. You can read the entire thing here for yourself.

As you do that, please Big First voters, consider that in Congressman Tim Huelskamp, you have a proven pro-life conservative. In Roger Marshall, you have a guy who says he's pro-life, and a PAC dedicated to increasing access to abortions--a PAC that specifically works with doctors--calling Marshall, "pro-choice."

This late in the game, it's difficult to know who and what to trust. You've got one candidate you know you can trust on this issue, and a question mark. Mark your ballots accordingly.

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  1. My friends will tell you I'm no slouch when it comes to computers. As you say this has been removed from their site but in addition they have done a very deep scrub on it. I tried 3 different search engines on two different browsers and can't find a trace of it. I hope at least a few of our friends downloaded the full pdf before it disappears.

    Liberals are just like vampires, any exposure to the light(truth) is fatal to them.